Divorce Counseling Services, LLC

Divorce Counseling Services, LLC

A child does not choose to separate parents or break up the family home through divorce. Parents must help children understand it is the Marriage, not the Parenting that is being dissolved. Divorce does not have to damage a child's self image, invade a child's dreams, threaten a child's security, or carry over life long damaging effects to future relationships. For the Best Interests of the Child, adults must learn to put the child before egos, financial matters and conflictual issues in a divorce.

-Karen Houghtaling

Karen Houghtaling understands the delicate issues facing a child of divorce. With more than twenty years experience, first as a teacher in an elementary school, then as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and as a Registered Play Therapist, she knows how divorce can affect a child.

Karen has extensive specialized training in Custody Evaluation, Divorce and Custody Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Play Therapy, and Filial Therapy. She is available to serve as a Louisiana Qualified Divorce and Custody Mediator, to perform court appointed Custody Evaluations and to facilitate Parenting and Co-Parenting Education.

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